Service Price
Full Sewn Weave w/ Portion out $100+(& up)
Full Hand-made
$125+(& up)
Lace Frontal Customization & Install (Drop off 4 days prior) $265+(& up)
Regular wig install $100+(& up)
Lace Closure Customization& Install $215+(& up)
Lace wig Install $125+(& up)
Lace wig Customization & Install
(Drop off 4 days prior)
$165+(& up)
4-Way Vixen Sew In $205+(& up)
3-Part Vixen Weave $170+(& up)
2-Part Vixen Weave $135+(& up)
Partial Sew in Row by Row $20+(& up)
Partial Bonded Row by Row $15+(& up)
Wand curl set $60+(& up)
Wash re used hair $25-$50+(& up)

If you have any questions please visit the Contact Us page or call us directly 202-580-2023.