Regular Styling

Service Price
Shampoo & Blow Dry
.Not Included in A Weave Service
Roller Set
.Set on Magnetic Rollers & Styled
Roller Wrap
.Set on Magnetic Rollers Wrapped Dried & Styled
Spiral Set
.Set Vertically
Wrap & Curl
.Hair is Molded Dried & Curled
Blow Dry & Curl
.Blowdried Straight & Curled
Blow Dry & Spirals
.Curled Vertically
.Set into Waves
Flexi Rods
.Spiral Curl Set
$60 & up
Straw Curls
.Very Small Rod Set
$85 & up
.A Creative Addition to Desired Style
$15 & up
Ponytail $50
Wand Curl set
.Special Tool Used
Soft Finger Waves
.Special Tool Used

.A Wavy Curl


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